Do Whatever You Can

“So David was not willing to move the ark of the Lord to the city of David; instead, he took it to the house of Obed-edom the Gittite. The ark of the Lord remained in his house three months, and the Lord blessed Obed-edom and his whole family.” -2 Samuel 6:10-11

Obed-edom? Who is that? At first, I recognized Edom which is south Judea and the Red Sea. Then, I looked up the word “Obed” which means “servant of.” Obed-edom was a servant from/to Edom. You can first think about how goofy this guys name might be, then you might think about what his parents must of been like during that tiime. Who knows, but all Scripture tells us is that Obed-edom was a blessed man. Why? Here is why… In 2 Samuel 6, King David is attempting to move the ark of the Covenant to the City of David to keep it safe, but then a man by the name of Uzzah literally trips as his oxen begin to fall. Uzzah touches the ark and dies. I mean, come on… It wasn’t even the man’s fault that he touched the ark…it was his oxen’s fault. King David is looking around to see where they can put the ark now, because everyone is afraid that if they get near it or touch it, they will die. Obed-edom raises his hand and says, “I’ll take it.” Scripture tells us that the ark stayed with Obed-edom and his family for three months, and because of that, him and his family became blessed. At the end of the three months, it was time to move the ark again, and Obed-edom had a choice to stay home with his family, or go with the ark of the Covenant. But, because of his great love and passion for the Lord, Obed-edom chose to go with the ark. I want you to get this picture in your head… Obed-edom did  ANYTHING and EVERYTHING just to be around the ark. The ark in that time, represented the very Presence of God. When I said that Obed-edom did anything and everything, I meant, he did absolutely anything and everything. Don’t believe me? Let’s go further… King David was choosing people to blow trumpets and lead the people in songs of praise when moving the ark. Guess what? Obed-edom volunteered (1 Chronicles 15:18). Let’s go even further… King David again is looking for people to one of many gatekeepers for the ark? Guess who again. Yes, Obed-edom volunteered (1 Chronicles 15:24). Now at this point, the guy must be tired of being around the ark, but no, it wasn’t finished. He was just getting started. King David now is looking for the main worship leader…the main dude….the head-honcho…the great Bambino…you get the picture. Guess who volunteered AGAIN? Obed-edom (1 Chronicles 16:4). The last one that Obed-edom ever did was become a gatekeeper. Now, back then, they had many watchers over every wall of the city, but there was always one person over the East gate, then another over the West gate, then another over the Northern gate, then another for the Southern gate. Obed-edom was selected to become the Southern gatekeeper. I mean, come on now… The guy absolutely LOVES God. It’s so evident. 

With me saying all of that, now you know the whole background to who Obed-edom is and his participation with the ark of the Covenant. This guy was crazy for God and on fire for the very Presence of the Lord. What about you? Do you have this same passion? Do you want to be connected to a church so bad, but you feel like the only way a person can serve a church is through a staff position? There was once a story told by a friend of mine that is a youth pastor in Virginia. He told me that there was a Hispanic man that asked him to serve in whatever way possible at the church, so the staff all got together and decided to make him a janitor at the church. The man cleaned day and night for the church and my friend told me that as he would walk past the bathrooms at night, he would hear the Hispanic man saying, “Oh, God. Touch this church. Bless the pastoral staff. May Your goodness be with them always.” I don’t know about you, but it’s time for me to start cleaning more toilets, mow the grass, and serve in every way possible. The Hispanic man is my Obed-edom in my life. He has no idea how he has touched my life, even though he is 150 miles away from me. This man is a servant. A true servant. A Godly servant. 62 generations, 350 years later, a family member of Obed-edom is volunteering just as Obed-edom did back when David was King. Wow! So, what I’m trying to say is what you are doing now, can and will affect your family and friends around you for years and years to come. It’s your choice. Do you want to live to Godly life that God has called you to live? Or do you want to listen to what the world is telling you to do? Again, it’s your choice. Obed-edom’s heart and love for God, caused God to protect and be with his family…and for years and years, Scripture says that him and his family were blessed. I don’t know about you, but I want that for my kids when I have kids, and I want that for the children, and their children’s children. Do whatever you can do be around and in the very Presence of God. It is the peace that passes all understand. There is nothing else like it. There is no one like our God.  


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