Common Ground

We all have something in common. It might not be your hairstyle, or your shoes you wear, or your preference of what color you want your bathroom walls to be. Bottom line is that we all, no matter what color, race, significance, education level, employment level, have a couple of things in common.

1) We were all created by God (Genesis 2:7)

2) We are all saved by faith in Jesus (Jon 3:16)

Those are two of the most important commonalities we can ever have with one another. I’m just going to be very honest. I am sick and tired of ministers categorizing other ministers by what they believe. “Well, they believe in speaking in tongues, so they go over here.” “Okay, so I believe in only sitting down in worship during church.” “Don’t raise your hands during worship! If you do, you’ll be just like that church down the road!” As a minister of the Gospel, we are to treat one another just like we want to be treated, correct? Don’t sit at your desk during the day thinking of who believes different than you, or how you can argue against another minister that speaks in tongues or against a minister that believes that you HAVE to be baptized in order to go to Heaven. I could sit here and give Biblical illustrations from Jesus that shows what is right and wrong, but I’m not here to do so. I am simply here to say that the reason the world is the way it is, is because as Christians, we are more worried about fighting against other Christians, than the enemy himself. In the Gospels, Jesus speaks many times of how a house divided cannot stand against itself. This is where ministers of the Gospel, whether you are on staff at a church or not, need to spread the Gospel every single day you wake up…by your actions and your words. 

It is time for the church to rise. Stop fighting against other ministers. Baptist ministers, stop trying to argue with Church of God ministers about speaking in tongues. Church of God ministers, stop worrying about how a Baptist worships…start worrying about yourself. Church of Christ, stop pointing out the negatives in every church and how they use instruments in worship. Church, stop fighting against each other. Who cares if a church worships on a Saturday? Who cares if that church doesn’t use instruments during worship? Who cares if a church has 24 elders and 100 deacons? Did Christ die so that you can argue theologically? No! Christ died to save your soul! The blood covers us of all our unrighteousness. Stop pointing and start praying. Put down the magnifying glass and pick up a mirror. Time to take up your own cross. It is time for the church to rise. It is time for His people to become one to be an unstoppable force for Him! 

Jesus…the only thing we need to worry about. Do you have Jesus? Does the person you are talking to have Jesus? Do they believe Jesus died for their sins and rose again three days later, and now lives in us? If not, lead them to the cross that was beautiful given to them for restoration. God is bigger than any argument we can ever have. Paul strictly told us to stray away from “fruitless discussion” (1 Timothy 1:6). 

Think about what is more important…a big W on your argument board you keep in your mind or that persons soul? 

I will say it again… It is time for the church to rise. 


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