Unanswered Prayer



“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” -John 15:7

Anyone ever struggle with this concept “Unanswered Prayers”? Ever feel like you’re praying and praying, but nothing is happening? What about when Scriptures says “our prayers are a sweet aroma to God”(Psalm 141:2)? If our prayers smell so good, then why won’t God bite? 

Anyone ever asked those questions before? I know I have. I have prayed so many prayers, that if God would of answered them, I would be living in a huge house that’s already paid off because I won the lottery, and I would be driving a brand new 2013 Corvette, when it hasn’t even come out yet. Oh yeah…I would also be driving that Corvette to basketball practice at the Staples Center (Los Angeles Lakers arena in California). Man! Wouldn’t that be the life?! No debt, no problems, right? 

Countless times in Scripture, God tells us to “ask in faith and it will be given unto you”…or He would say “tell that mountain to move in faith and it will move from there to there.” “Okay, I get that, Stewart. What does that have anything to do with your blog post? I’m not reading anymore. See ya” some might be saying that, but my point is, no matter how much faith we have in something we WANT, it won’t move God to give us that. Now, I’m not saying God doesn’t answer prayers, or He won’t give you what you need, but there is a huge difference in what we need and what we want. If our faith would move God, God would be controlled. We cannot control God. Let’s face it. He’s knows what’s best. Say your car breaks down and it cost $600 to fix it. You’re probably saying, “Why, God, why? I have a house, a car, and a family to pay for. Are you kidding me right now?!?!” But what we don’t know is that God could of saved your from being in a wreck a mile down the road. Here’s another senario: say you have an opportunity to go work for a place in Atlanta, GA, and the business offers you $90,000 a year, plus benefits and housing, then you have another offer in Waco, TX, and the business is a lot less successful than the other offer and they are offering $40,000 a year, with no benefits. Some might say, “umm…duh!” or some might take the harder route…the right route and say, “let’s ask God and pray about this first.” Next day, you hear God tell you to go to Waco, TX. Wait…what? Did I just hear you clearly God? You broke up a little, I didn’t understand you fully and God says, “Yes, go to Waco, TX.” You respond with, “But God….” What you don’t know is the future. What you don’t know is that the boss you would work for in Atlanta, GA, was arrested when he was 16 for molestation, and he would try and hit on your wife behind your back, WHILE telling her “don’t say anything to your husband. If you do, I’ll fire him and go to court saying he is a serial killer and I have evidence.” 

Now, I know that might be a bit extreme, but I am trying to make the point thatyou have no idea what God is protecting you from. God has a reason for being God. He knows all, and He protects His people. That is why it’s so important to listen and hear from God before making any sudden movements. Remember, God knows best. He knows all. He’s God. 


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